50stunt video competition round 2!

Gbgx3m stuntrider Mx_Josef throws down a sick vid for the second round of 50stunt streetstyle contest! Check it out!

He won the last round but our friend Wilhelm ”Zarell” Ewe is pretty good as well, so it will be exciting to see who the winner is!  The winner will be announced at 50stunt.com and here on our website, but we dont really know when, so stay tuned!

Enjoy and dont forget to watch in HD!

Rate, comment and subscribe to our channel if you havent done it yet!


Posted on 15 October, 2011, in Stuntblog. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Great shit! Can you guys link zarells video i cant find it?

  2. riktigt feet josef 😀

  3. Here is zarrels entry for the video competition! http://vimeo.com/30610394

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