Merry christmas everyone!

Hello everyone and merry christmas!

Alot of things has been going on lately and now when the snow is covering the streets there is no possibility to ride anymore! We will try to keep things rolling anyways, Gbgx3mTV Episode 3 is coming up soon and the big Gbgx3m video from 2010-2011 will be released just after new year, hopefully! Our own Gbgx3m t-shirt’s and hoodie’s is also on the way, and we may do some Gbgx3m Support t-shirts for you guys aswell!

Our latest contest was a success and congratulations to Pontus Pettersson who won the contest, your pimpstar stickersheet and beenie is on the way to you! And thanks to Pimpstar who helped us making the contest possible!
Check out their website if u for some stupid reason havnt done it yet!

The new Ghostrider movie is out now, ORDER IT and you will find GBGX3M in the bonus material! How cool is that!?
Check out their website for trailers or if you want to order the movie!

The two wheel fair will take place in Gothenburg next year in january, make sure to be there! We got a surprise for you guys!! đŸ˜‰

Remember that you guys also can post comments on the blogposts here on this website, its always fun to read comments on the website!


This website will be used more often! Everything that we write and post on our fanpage will be posted on our website instead so dont forget to visit the website if you want to know whats goin on! But we will ofcourse write on our wall on facebook when we got something fresh from the blog! WE ALSO GOT SOME SNOW ON THE WEBSITE! YEY!

The official Gbgx3m logo is done too, tell us what u think!
Here is the download link for the logo only (no background) if u want to use it, but dont forget to ask us first!


That was everything we had to say for now!
Dont forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel and like our fanpage on facebook!

peaaz! /Gbgx3m

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