Update on Robert. This is the first interview since the crash.

More than a million people have seen Robert Stafsing cheat death in Kungsbacka.

He fell six meters between two rooftops and landed on his face. Now it has the parkour athlete become a world celebrity hunted by the international press. Northern Halland was the first newspaper in the world with an interview.

Robert Stafsing will never be able to get on an airplane without a certificate.  After the accident, his face was put together again with 19 titanium plates, 38 screws, 59 graphs from ear to ear and a titanium stick in the nose. There is no point to start counting the stitches.

– I have a whole tooth left. My friend was on the site the following day and collected several of my teeth, but then he lost them (LOL). It is typical of him, says Robert Stafsing that after 14 days got home from the hospital.

For six years, Robert has been active in Parkour and Freerunning branch. Parkour is about to get around as quickly and efficiently as possible using only the human body. A disciplined sport where no risks should be taken, despite the breakneck flips and jumps they do.

– Actually, there is not much accidents in this sport and that’s why this bail has become this big. This is one of the worst parkour fails ever. You should not do anything you’re not sure of, but at the time I took a risk, it was wet when I jumped, and it is against everything that sport stands for, says Robert.

There where the end of september he was out with two friends and filmed various jumps. On Main Street in downtown Kungsbacka he jumps between two rooftops, and when he runs to jump from the terrace down to a nearby roof, he slips on the wet railing and he falls and falls …

And for you guys who hasnt seen the video, here it is!
WARNING, viewer discretion is advised! Watch it on your own risk!

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  1. Damn, I hope this accident will teach many. Don’t think 5 seconds of adrenalin worth becoming a disabled… or even dead… I wish Robert be fine! Good luck, man! Take care.

  2. Daniel Núñez

    Hi, I’m a spanish traceur and I saw this accident by a channel of one of the best spanish traceurs, I was so sad because I have a lot of empathy and I felt so terrified of your fall, I’m late, I can see that you are so good today so I leave my comment when you’re ok xD. Good luck Robert I wish, you came again to do parkour 😉 bye.

  3. Osama Bin Laden

    I’m still alive gay boys!

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