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New video, Gbgx3m and friends stuntlife 2013

We got some new shit for you guys! Enjoy!!

Johnny höglund crf slakt

Stuntjam 2013

Pimpstar stuntjam video is out now! Watch it and drop a comment!

#pimpstarlife #gbgx3m #stuntjam


Pimpstar X Monster Energy party!

Pimpstarlife and Monster energy hosted a kickass party in Gothenburg last night.
We of course attended along with riders from all over Sweden, together we managed to empty the bar!
We had a great time and we would like to thank everyone who was there for making this a successful event.
Shout out to Pimpstarlife, Monster Energy, Superretards, Rackartygarna, Zoo Tattoo(For taking dinos ink virginity on spot) and friends.


Pimpstar family riders showing of their MX jerseys!


This is a very retarded grouphoto of GBGX3M and Rackartygarna.


Dennis is getting some sweet pimpstar ink.


For more pictures check out our facebook page

Peace // GBGX3M


Kafi bought a new dope bike yesterday! KTM 300 exc – 2012. Check it out!


Update on Robert. This is the first interview since the crash.

More than a million people have seen Robert Stafsing cheat death in Kungsbacka.

He fell six meters between two rooftops and landed on his face. Now it has the parkour athlete become a world celebrity hunted by the international press. Northern Halland was the first newspaper in the world with an interview.

Robert Stafsing will never be able to get on an airplane without a certificate.  After the accident, his face was put together again with 19 titanium plates, 38 screws, 59 graphs from ear to ear and a titanium stick in the nose. There is no point to start counting the stitches.

– I have a whole tooth left. My friend was on the site the following day and collected several of my teeth, but then he lost them (LOL). It is typical of him, says Robert Stafsing that after 14 days got home from the hospital.

For six years, Robert has been active in Parkour and Freerunning branch. Parkour is about to get around as quickly and efficiently as possible using only the human body. A disciplined sport where no risks should be taken, despite the breakneck flips and jumps they do.

– Actually, there is not much accidents in this sport and that’s why this bail has become this big. This is one of the worst parkour fails ever. You should not do anything you’re not sure of, but at the time I took a risk, it was wet when I jumped, and it is against everything that sport stands for, says Robert.

There where the end of september he was out with two friends and filmed various jumps. On Main Street in downtown Kungsbacka he jumps between two rooftops, and when he runs to jump from the terrace down to a nearby roof, he slips on the wet railing and he falls and falls …

And for you guys who hasnt seen the video, here it is!
WARNING, viewer discretion is advised! Watch it on your own risk!

Some of the new stickers!

Some of the stickers designs that we maybe will print! Who want one of these??? Share your thoughts!





Time for some new stickers and t-shirts!!

Today will Josef and I start designing the new and also the first ever Gbgx3m stickers that will be available for sale, and we will also design the new t-shirts that we will sell this winter!

What do you guys want first? Stickers or t-shirts?? Please leave a comment underneath this post and tell us what you want us order first, stickers or t-shirts?

Many of you guys have probably seen that our last video with the nasty bail by Robert has got alot of attention all over the world, we want to thank all of you for the support. And for those who dont know, Robert is back home from the hospital and he will be back on his feet sooner than you think!

Not so many days left for the winter to kick in here in Sweden and everyone knows that, winter=SNOWBOARD AND SKIIS! Stay tuned and follow us here on the blog or on our Facebook fanpage for more sick videos and crazy stunts.


And here is a random dope pic from 2009 ( ithink?) #Cbr #pimpstarlife #gbgx3m #mxjosef

The gnarly bail everyone is talking about!

Latest video with a gnarly bail when Robert attempted to kong from roof to roof, viewer discretion is advised!

Gbgx3m Summer stuntlife 2012, out now!

Check out our latest video ”Summer stuntlife 2012”. Share it, like it, subscribe and feel free to drop a comment and tell us what you think of the video! Enjoy!!

And dont forget to like us on facebook!

Our way of celebrating 420, with a new episode of Gbgx3mTV!

Gbgx3mTV Episode 5 is out! From yesterdays stuntshow and some clips from when josef and dino fixed a cracked frame on dinos crappy stuntbike! AND MORE WITH THE INDESTRUCTIBLE FIDDY!!


share the video, like it, rate it, subscribe it. we hope u enjoy!

Nytt Gbgx3mTV Avsnitt! Förortsstunt!

Episode 4 är här, bättre sent än aldrig! förortsstunt i hammarkullen, kan de bli tyngre??? Inget speciellt utan bara lite motorcykelslakt med anton! 

Episoderna kommer i framtiden fungera lite mer i stil som videobloggar och enkla filmer och inte några seriöst överredigerade stuntfilmer.



Tänkte att man skulle kunna slänga upp lite filmer för alla nya fans som missat vafan vi sysslar med..

Anton, Josef och Dino slaktar asfalt på arendal 2011.

Josefs vinnarbidrag till ryan moore’s 50stunt videotävling ROUND 1!

Josefs vinnarbidrag till ryan moore’s 50stunt videotävling ROUND 2!

Trailer inför 2008 filmen

En av våra största o bästa filmer, trots allt är den från 2008!

Ännu en film från 2008 med Josef

Ännu en storfilm men från 2009

Gbgx3mTV Episode 2

Gbgx3mTV Episode 3

Stunthelg med Pimpstar och lite annat folk!

Ännu en stunthelg med Pimpstar och lite annat folk!

Mer skit hittar ni på våran Youtube channel!


På två hjul 2012!

Så nu är mc mässan över och man har äntligen lyckats landa lite efter allt röjj! Vi vill tacka alla som var med på mässan samt alla våra fans som var där och stöttade! Hoppas ni hade minst lika kul på mässan som vi hade!

Ett stort tack till SuperRetards som var där o skapade en skön stämning i montern samt för att dom ställde upp med lite tröjor och klibbor, grymt!

Och sen vill vi framför allt tacka RACKARTYGARNA för ett par sjukt soft dagar, grymt kul att lära känna er och vi ses snart igen! Gbgx3m och Rackartygarna får göra nått stört tillsammans i sommar!

Tishorna gick åt fort som fan och det var kul att se, nu väntar vi på att få in nästa lager! Ni som lyckades graba en tröja kan ju ta en bild eller nått kul med tröjan på o lägga upp här på wallen om ni vill!

Har ni några bilder från showen eller våran monter så släng gärna upp bilderna/film på våran facebookwall 🙂

Långfilmen redigeras fortfarande och lär dröja ett litet tag till med tanke på att vi inte fått nått redigerat pga mässan..


1 week left!

Only one week left to the two wheel fair and we got alot of things rollin’ right now! Big ass Gbgx3m roll up pic, gbgx3m pens, mousepad, stickers, t-shirts and more is on the way!

The big movie is now under construction, it will be pretty mad! stay tuned!

And we also got a new profile pic on our fanpage, check it out! The same picture will be in our booth at the 2 wheel fair just in a big ass size!

Click the pic and take a shortcut to our fanpage!

I hope we’ll meet you at the fair, dont hesitate to come by and say hi!


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