Gbgx3m and friends stuntlife 2013!

Robert Stafsing – On my way back ft. Johan Ståhle

Pimpstar Stuntjam 2013 ft. Gbgx3m! 

GBGX3M – Summer stuntlife 2012! 

GBGX3M – Josef’s latest entry for the 50 Stunt video competition ROUND 1 – 2012!  

GBGX3M – Josef pushing his wheelierecord!  

GBGX3M at the two wheel fair in gothenburg 2012!  

GBGX3M Killin’ a low budget fiddy!  

GBGX3M Stuntrider Mx_Josef, entry for 50stunt video competition round 2! 

GBGX3M Stuntmovie 2009 

GBGX3M Stuntmovie 2008 – HD Deluxe edition

GBGX3M Stuntmovie 2008 Trailer

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